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Standing Still - Mikko Lagerstedt Photography

Teacher: ‘Meloloc
Subject: For New Persons
Category: General Discussion
TR: Daniel, Las Vegas NV.
4 July 2016, 19:38 Z

Thank You, our Father, for sustaining and taking care of us, as we journey back to you. Thank you for the patient way You relate with us, always kindly, with consideration. I worship You and praise You, now at this moment, with appreciation and respect. Is there a message or lesson you would like to bring today from anyone or about any subject?

Yes Daniel, you can begin typing. Today, speaking to you is: ‘Meloloc. The topic is being a beginning Magisterial Mission worker.  We will cover the melodiousness, harmoniousness, meldedness and fraternity, in respect to The Family of God.

An overview:

The uniqueness, yet similar composition of all of you created evolutionary beings, begins with individual ultimatons, the most basic particle of each atom, each having a unique signature. They are much smaller than a proton, [it takes 100 ultimatons, just to compose a single electron], with each atom then composed of many protons, electrons and neutrons with a nucleus.

We, [this electro chemical individual], are like the cells of our body, each an organized entity, in other words a very complex being, fitting into the family as we are needed. The intelligence of the Father in each of us, then causes the overall organism, the Family, to finally function in matchless synchronicity and joyful cohesiveness. The point of this little explanation is that the Spirit of The Father, in each of you with all the other complimentary Spirits enhancing our journey, is the final coordinating aspect that, makes it work, when coupled with the cooperating free choice of each of you.

Now to relate that to the Magisterial Mission,*

*[a special up stepping mission sent by The Father, to all inhabited worlds when ready, to accelerate the progressive evolution before the final stage, of a much greater progressiveness, now set to begin on this earth!]

The most important Family enterprise in this corner of our galaxy has the challenge of bringing harmony and balance once again to a small part of a local star system called Satania. Satania is composed at this time of approx. 650 Inhabited planets with intelligent life. The area of interest locally, are, the 37 planets subverted by the Lucifer rebellion by their appointed leaders, from the Father’s plans about 230,000 years ago. 

Now, as intended, we see the results, once and for all, to be fair, of letting the rebellious ones [now vanquished and removed] demonstrate their full effort, to show a way they thought would be better and more fulfilling for all the inhabitants of those worlds.

What we see instead, is the sorriest, most dysfunctional, deprived, most insufferably disorganized, educationally retarded and downright harmful conditions extant in the local eco systems and societies on these supplanted worlds. All are groaning in painful partial realization [by those few awake persons] of their mistake, all longing for a return to [they know not how] the benevolent, reasonable, personable, practical, merciful, protective, productive and prosperous free societies, that are the usual conditions dreamed of by their philosophers. They do not know that the rest of our own super universe and the other six super universes, we are a part of, are already built on just those idyllic circumstances.

I covered all these facts above to put in perspective for any that are just coming to the Teaching Mission, to begin to understand, that the immediate remedial action is now at once to be begun in a real way, on this and all those other 36 planets. Now, similar to earth, [called Urantia on the local universe registers] a specially tailored Magisterial Mission, is simultaneously being activated for the restoration of the conditions for repair and progress of all these damaged planets, back to the Family ideal. 

Our start of that process on Urantia, will be to first, inform all inhabitants. This will be by public announcements on all world communication media soon [during a window of opportunity]. The returning master, the same exact being known as Jesus the Christ and also known as Christ Michael,* Will be doing the announcing Honors, along with the Magisterial Mission Leaders known as Monjoronson, and Serara.

* [Christ Michael, is the Sovereign Creator Son, given the task by the Father, to build and populate with his offspring, this local universe, known as Nebadon, to finally have many tens of thousands of inhabited worlds.  He with his consort, partner and equal, Mother Nebadonia, are the leaders and prime movers of this project for the returning to normalcy of these 37 planets.]  

Now in a perfectly providential way, you all reading this were brought to this and Teaching Mission list, because the Father of all would like you to take part with many mortals like yourself in the Magisterial Mission with tasks that you have been, unknown to you, prepared for in your life up to now. and Teaching Mission list discussion forum, both, are the classroom for your training. If, this little introduction and explanation of what is now taking place as we speak, resonates with you, a simple conversation with The Father, explaining your interest and desire to make a difference like this, is all that is needed. To begin, absorb as much as you can from the websites below. That is the action that cements your being truly a part of The Magisterial Mission.

We, Thank each of you, for responding by choosing to come here! This is ‘Meloloc, a Celestial teacher and ascending mortal such as yourself, having come from [a long time ago] an inhabited planet in the system of Satania much like your own. I sign off now with only happy and warm regards as I look forward to meeting you as time goes on!


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Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Published on May 11, 2016
The MAGISTERIAL FOUNDATION proudly re-presents its first video originally produced January 2015, of this significant event that will occur when the pivotal point arrives, determined personally by the Father of All.

This is Monjoronson.

I am making a tape recording in order to announce the return of our Beloved Jesus.

I am a Magisterial Son and I am a brother, a Paradise brother of the one called Jesus.

I make this announcement today so that you, the listener may understand that there are things happening in your universe today you know nothing about, but will suddenly become aware of very soon.

I am using a transmitter’s voice. He is transmitting me from a place called Paradise. It is such a distance from where you live on your earth that I am not going to bother to decide how to tell you how far it is.

But you on earth will soon learn that we have in mind a plan so well done, so far sighted that you on earth, which we call Urantia, will soon have a Magisterial Son to direct your affairs, that in a few years we estimate in about five years, after the appearance of the Magisterial Son you will see Jesus in the flesh.

He is to reappear on earth, the second return if you will.

In that respect we wish to announce that we also, Monjoronson also known as Serara once the Mission begins, to announce that I am to appear with Monjoronson and others who will become part of the Magisterial Mission that will clear your earth, Urantia of its problems of terror, drugs, murder and all of the ill assorted problems that mankind brings to a little planet in the middle of nowhere in space.

Your time on Urantia is limited. You have a mortal life, at most one hundred years, most in your seventies before you go on.

You have a place to go when you die. Jesus will make it abundantly clear that that place is where you begin life anew. We will talk about it in the years that I have coming to me as your Magisterial Son.

I will be visible. I will be seen. I will be heard. I will use your media.
I use this media today to let all of you know that I return with Jesus when the time comes.

Monjoronson is a character name that we have used on earth many times in order to describe who I am. I am a Paradise Son, and I am all that Jesus is, except I carry the specialty of Justice.

I come to judge earth. I come to judge your earth called Urantia, and I will do so fully and completely and without favor to anyone.

I am about to announce a change to your spiritual atmosphere, in that I will tell you that there will be a Declaration very soon, probably sometime mid-month January of twenty fifteen, that there will be a small announcement to advise all who know what a Dispensation is that it is being changed forever.

We are about to declare The Fifth Epochal Dispensation, a worldwide Dispensation where all matters of State and matters of Spirit are revised and retuned to a new plan that will surface on Urantia in a few years.

I wish now to turn to the subject of Jesus. I remind all of you that a full description of the life of Jesus is already available. We want you to look at the Urantia Book, a text we use on high to be sure that the facts are right.

The text of the life of Jesus, his biography is fully supplied in the Urantia Book as the last part, Part Four. It would do all of you a great deal of good to read it and understand the life of Jesus as it was lived, not as you think it was lived or as historians are trying to change the idea or the ideals of what he taught.

I am Monjoronson. I am a Trinity Teacher Son and my name Monjoronson refers to a Trinity Teacher Son, but I the Magisterial Son will be known as Serara, that is spelled S E R A R A.

My use of your media includes a website someone has designed for me to use my pronouncements. It is called Serara-dot-org [] and it has a great deal of useful information that you will find of interest and of use.

When Jesus returns, the biblical description of that return has been suspended, and that is because Our Father the Universal Father, the First Source and Center has decreed that Jesus will return back to earth in the flesh as he appeared when he died.

He will be a swarthy, sunburned Palestinian and you will recognize him in modern garb, but not until I Serara become established on Urantia, your earth as a progenitor of what should be, and not what you have now.
I use this transmitter, one who has been trained to hear me on Paradise and anywhere else I travel, so that you can hear what I think and say before I can say it in a flesh and blood mouth.

I will be announcing on your media the day I incarnate and how I intend to use my incarnation to teach all of you the Better Way.

I am Monjoronson. I am Serara.

I am about to leave you to allow one you know very well to speak.

I am Jesus.
Hear me.

I return very soon, long before you thought I would, and I will teach.
I will teach you what I know, what I have, what I see, and I will return very soon.

Beware, I will not tolerate the terror, the murder, the drugs and the heartless versions of communications and of business that comes before me even as I sit beside my Father.

I am Jesus.
I Love You.

Monday, 7 March 2016


Courtesy of Mikko Lagerstedt - Starway

Received:   06-Mar-16 5:15 PM  EST
Names:   Master Spirits Ocilliaya, Aya, and Mantrinaya
Transmitter:    Newstarsaphire

Our mission today is to reveal to all the goals and achievements required to uplift the inhabitants of Urantia to a progressive state of being that will bring about the era of Light and Life not only for Urantia but also in the assistance in a quantum leap forward among the soon to be former apostate planets caught in the Luciferian rebellion in this system.

Harboring information needed to transfix the mind and ensure its guidance in the direction of spiritual growth and benevolent thought patterns is of paramount importance in the forming of new habits and growth of both the individual and group dynamic.  The Teaching Mission is a fundamental part of the re-education system to be put in place to ensure all have the necessary resources at hand to satisfy the hunger for universal truths that has been so long held at bay.

The current resource text (The Urantia Book) was and is needed as a stopgap measure to “get the ball rolling” for its current availability, but what you don’t yet realize is the deep hunger of truth-seekers that will be triggered by the unveiling about to transpire.  There will be no holding back these seekers with petty distractions or current religious mumbo-jumbo, their appetite for revelatory truth will be voracious and we intend to be ready to fully meet their needs through every means possible.  This explosion of no-nonsense truth-seekers and our provision of universe and revelatory information to satisfy that hunger will result in unprecedented spiritual and moral growth throughout the populace at large.  Those who learn will teach and both will grow together in mind, spirit and soul maturation as has never been seen before.

Remember the seed, it needs water, sunlight and nutrients and the plant first puts down roots into the soil before the plant is visible above the planted soil.  This will be the harvest long foretold as these truth-seekers choose to let the old life fall into the fertile soil of this epochal revelation and the new life will burst forth, birthing healthy souls for the kingdom that will pursue the heart of the Universal Father and manifest the brotherhood of man in a most astounding way.  Their hunger for the Will of the Father will exponentially grow within them to the point where the Grand Universe itself cannot contain it and they must move beyond, into the unknown, in its pursuit.

Verily, verily I say unto you the times to come on Urantia are such that have never been seen and her light will be a beacon to lead the way for every wayward soul and all half-hearted indecisive milk-drinking mortals who formerly considered themselves as ‘walking in the light’.

This is Master Spirit Ocilliaya and my Spirit brothers Aya and Mantrinaya proclaiming to you a destiny that awaits your awakening to its determined manifestation.


Saturday, 28 November 2015


“I am Jesus and I wish to speak about the delayed timing of the Magisterial Mission and my public appearance. We are all set to go, with a few loose ends yet to be tied. 

“You will see great changes taking place next month as these missions are presented on the world’s media. I know you have been told about this many times before, but what is new is that we have been cleared all the way from Paradise to the Most Highs of Norlatiadek and everyone is in agreement as to what should be done on this dismal planet called Urantia. 

“There is much for me to say about this business of rectifying your world and setting it back onto a path of light and life. I will begin with the announcement that the Most Highs have set into place a new way for us to establish ourselves and move freely about the planet in a way that will ameliorate the conditions that are present across the planet at this time. What I mean by this statement is that Serara and I and the Melchizedeks, Midwayers, Seraphim, and others will have total access to the way the various governments on Urantia operate.

“We will be changing the course of evolution by interceding in governmental affairs. As you know, the Most Highs of Norlatiadek do their work in the kingdoms of men. This is normally done in the background, but now we will operate in the open. The Most Highs have seen to it that the spirit personalities associated with the Magisterial Mission will be able to work directly with the governmental officials who control the operations of statehood. This will make it easier for Serara and I to bring forth the plans and operational procedures for the leaders of the worlds governments to consider and adopt. If there is resistance, and we know of several countries, including the United States, who will have trouble adjusting to these changes, we will take necessary steps to provide them with proof of our benevolence, authority, and spirit direction in order to overcome this effort to stonewall the will of God. 

“It will not be easy for any of us to begin to set straight the affairs of Urantia, but that will not deter us from making sure that these changes will come about in a timely manner. We are ready to act positively, forcefully, and with due regard for the free will of all mortals involved in this undertaking to reclaim and restore Urantia for the Father of us all.

“We are even now operating on many fronts to encourage key religious and governmental leaders to take heed of this new regime of global change for the better. I can report now that we have met with some success and that all systems are go. We only wait upon the right opportunity to begin our work. This will all come together in the coming days and weeks of December 2015. That is all for now. I am Jesus and I wish you a good day.” 


Transmitter: George Zuberbuehler
Received: 27NV15  8 PM

Thursday, 12 November 2015



Please be advised of Father’s proceedings on behalf of your world and other reclamation planets going forth at this time. Your world is experiencing circumstances of which you are currently unaware in the mindal realms and information of these details is not forthcoming at this time. Father’s active role is not fully disclosed to even the leaders of these Missions but suffice is to say that evidence will be seen and appropriate actions taken, upon their manifestation, by those put in place to carry out approved plans and actions. Details would be non-beneficial to you and we just want to make you aware that Father works for the highest good and His actions will become known when and how he sees fit to disclose them.

Reach out to Him in your moments of uncertainty and know that He holds your every thought as precious. Strengthen your desire to know and do His will by receiving His love and reassurance poured out to you as you turn within and connect with your Divine Fragments personally placed within you. Take from Him the Light and Life that will sustain you through anything and everything you may experience, knowing He is with you and is the source of all you need.  For you there is no time and there is no distance of separation, only togetherness and the oneness you seek.

Avante / Forward

This is Father

Believe me when I say to you my children that I regret nothing that has transpired between Myself and your world. I AM the beginning and I AM the end and I AM that which is between. I AM the outcome which will bring glory to all existence and I WILL reveal the beauty and the splendor and the wonders of the creation of MY WILL, come to fruition, despite the incongruent, mischievous, misadventures of those who sought to discredit me and my ways and enthrone themselves on their self-made maladaptation of sovereign rulership born out of self-worship.

Once and again, and always, will the wisdom of The Source of all be revealed and re-established upon the worlds of time and before the eyes of all who would set themselves up against the ways of Divine Love and all of its life-giving fruits.

I look forward to the celebration of life and love on these planets and among these peoples who are about to step into the realms of which they have only tried to imagine and for which you have not given up hope to experience. Let your voices ring out with gladness and your hearts make merry as you come together in who I AM.

Bring me your hopes, bring me your dreams and let us grow them together! Rejoice!


As you can see Father has been about His work on behalf of the missions to reclaim these planets for His Glory and the benefit of all.  I press into action all of Fathers concessions and urge you to remain at the ready. Nebadonia and I stand by your side and share in your anticipation of the manifestations of Fathers Will.


Received: November 11, 2015 - 3:51 PM
Transmitters: BenminTahh, Father, Michael of Nebadon
Publisher: Newstarsaphire

Saturday, 17 October 2015


TRANSMISSION UPDATE Warnings Re: Communication Blackouts

October 16, 2015
22:25 EDT USA
York, Pennsylvania USA

(Editor’s Note:  The following is an important update for the Second Return of Jesus.  I am advised to note for you that this is the third warning issued on various issues not covered in this announcement.  Go to this LINK: on a discussion forum to read the other two messages if you wish.  Guests are allowed to read and use the site but not post without being members.  I also advise all readers of this information the following:

Yesterday around 23:59 of 15 October, 2015, the Salvington government announced that the replacement of the old bestowal Son event of August of 7BC was being reintroduced as the Second Return of Jesus.  The soul of Jesus has been elsewhere during this period and Jesus allowed its use as himself to return to Urantia to conclude his promised to return.

His Second Return as I call it is scheduled before the end of this month (October, 2015), and certain problems exist on this planet that makes it very difficult for a mere return in the middle of nowhere at the time Jesus was originally born.  Our planet is now severely over populated and has transmitters almost every ten miles to pass news out to the various media. The coming and immediate return of Jesus to take his mission up once again and to remain on Urantia for about ten more years to establish the Magisterial Mission to cleanse the planet and adjudicate the Lucifer Rebellion for good, is rife with the possibility of civil unrest, riots, and even war by those who seek to take advantage of the confusion this coming television announcement by Jesus of his return and his intentions.

In order to circumvent the worst of these problems to happen, the night or day of this event on Urantia, a communication stand down is hereby ordered by the Salvington government by all working transmitters on Urantia, and all traffic on the highway and air will also stop with engines shut off.  The immediate effects of the proposed stand down are discussed below along with an introduction by Michael of Nebadon.  In that introduction are his credentials and explanation of the seventh bestowal to be redone again for transcendental reasons.

This message is transmitted by Manotia, a superangel hailing from Uversa and is of an Order not revealed to Urantians ever unless they are placed on a planet for work by the Ancients of Days from whom they take origin.  I am just a transmitter, please remember that, and I cannot help questions regarding schedules or policies I know no details about except what is released through me at this time.  Thank you, Ron Besser)

TRANSMISSION UPDATE Warnings Re: Communication Blackouts

To all concerned: There is a scheduled shut down of all commercial transmissions preceding a speech by Jesus which tells of his intentions and the timing of the Magisterial Mission established to correct this planet. Jesus is Co-director of the Magisterial Mission with Serara, the Magisterial Son.

The proposed speech will take about 20 to 25 minutes and will go off the air immediately after Jesus is finished speaking.  A ten minute camera presentation will follow showing written instructions to drug users and abusers and how to comply with the edict concerning Marijuana and opiates.

1) No direct blow is being made to transmission equipment or the transmitter hardware.  What is being done is that we are sending out electromagnetic signals that block normal television and telephone transmissions including twitter handsets and i-phone sets and their unit relatives.  In addition to these devices, we will not tolerate 911 calls or other transmission from frightened individuals seeking advice or to have their hands held.  Further, no device used by the police or fire service will be allowed to transmit more than three (3) miles.  Devices that have a range of more than five (5) miles will be shut down.  Airports from ground to air and air to air and air to ground will be allowed to operate, but all planes will be ground several hours before the announcement is placed on the air either on 22 October of 23 October, and that date is dependent on the Father’s okay to proceed for either of those dates.  Normal air traffic may resume one hour after the announcement is completed.

2) A special note on aircraft follows:

All commercial traffic will be asked to land at the nearest airport they can reach that can handle the type of aircraft being used.  The restrictions and messages will start going out at 7PM, New York Time (EDT) the evening of the broadcast from New York.  The broadcast has no schedule yet, but it will not proceed until all commercial activity is brought down and is docked securely into their bays and landing ports.

Military aircraft will be able to fly.  No restrictions on them is proposed.

Fighters in the Middle East and cargo planes landing and taking off for the Middle East combatants are going to be asked to land and shut down.

Rebel fighters and other military equipment of Russia, the United States, and Great Britain, as well as other Middle East combatants, have one hour to a cease fire which is to occur upon our announcement of the exact timing of the speech.  If no cease fire is observed after our ten minute warning, the offending forces will be eliminated.

3)  Highways and Ground traffic proscriptions:

No one under the age of 16 will be allowed on the highways, and no travel will be permitted except for emergency vehicles such as fire or hospital or police issues needing immediate attention.

Those in the middle of a trip and on the highway, will be brought to rest with engines shut down.  Truck lines are advised to carry extra water and food and to secure their manifest well.  Thieves will take every opportunity to be at work where they think they can get away with it.  Running engines create static in our transmitters and will he shut down by an electromagnetic pulse from our transmitters in New York and elsewhere.

4) Danger is to those who attempt to use the night or day, depending where you are at the time on the globe,  who think they can loot or attempt crime in any form including rape and incest.  No one will find drugs palatable or will drugs be tolerated in the future except those drugs used for medicinal purposes.  Marijuana use is forbidden; it is dangerous and it shall not be tolerated by the divine Mission.  Enforcement is easy against drugs and marijuana and will cost you your health if you persist in practices we outlaw on this planet.

A word about Marijuana usage: Science has incorrectly diagnosed the weed Marijuana. This inability for science to understand the dangerous implications of its use must be redressed by a proscription in the appearance of Jesus, who is also the co-director of the Magisterial Mission. The Magisterial Mission is to be announced a few days after Jesus makes his announcement of his return first.  Marijuana restricts the outflow of natural calcium and directly affects the pituitary glands ability to move calcium to the bones and out through the urinary tract.  

In about two years of daily Marijuana use of 100 mg per day, the brain is incapable of ruling what to do with calcium, and it stores deposits of calcium in the neck of the human body.  Calcium in the neck of the human body eventually closes and blocks the coronary nerve and can cause serious stroke and death, and above all it reduces intellectual abilities to reason and find solutions to ordinary problems.  

The Magisterial Mission has a staff surgeon on board and the doctor has made a study on Marijuana so he can diagnose those who are in grave danger of losing their lives for using it for some time.  Immediately following the Jesus broadcast there will be a preliminary plan shown on the television screen for those who use drugs (opiates in particular), and Marijuana, and what to do to prevent withdrawal or other side effects of a medical concern.   Medicinal opiates and other drugs will not be disallowed until it is determined which patients do not need these chemicals in their bodies.

5) We have made other announcements and the following links will bring you to the discussion forum we use to post those announcements to those who part of our Magisterial Mission staff positions.


Guests are allowed to read and peruse the board fully.  Posting requires a membership.

* * * *


We are announcing shortly what is tantamount to a national emergency for every nation on the globe.  We wish to make it clear this is not for right now, but only for the 20 or 25 minutes it takes to broadcast the Second Return of Jesus around the 22nd or 23rd of October, 2015.  This speech on all public broadcast media will introduce Jesus, why he has returned, and what his intentions are for the reclamation of this planet the universe calls Urantia.

I am the Creator Son of this universe you live in.  It is a local universe and occupies about ten square light years around.  Its administrative capital is Salvington, a central globe near 100,000 miles in diameter and has circulating around it, four hundred ninety-five planets serving as universities and  colleges for myriads of spiritual being doing the work of government for my consideration.  If one would look to the constellation Aries in the central sector of the Sagittarius globular cluster, you will see shining a very bright star.  That is Salvington.

In my years of existence, and that is on the order of more that one trillion earth years, of which I spent nearly ten billion years to build the living universe around you. I have placed in orbit around suns and dark islands of space, over 3.5 million inhabited planets like yours.  I created them all and placed on them plants and animals and humans as evolution developed them.  Your scientists have seriously under estimated how old this local space area of life is.

In my years as Creator Son, I have had to earn my rulership of this space by indwelling and bestowing myself on seven types of creatures I and the Creative Spirit created over the eons of time.  My final bestowal was as Jesus a almost 2,022 years ago in Jerusalem on your planet.  I was born in August of your present calendar in what is really seven B.C., and it is my birth that you celebrate as Christmas in December of each year.

In about two weeks time from October 16, 2015, I will attend upon your planet as the incarnation of Jesus once more.  His request to the Father was to see to it that he physically  appear as he was exactly the day he was executed on the cross at Golgotha, and that such a murder/assassination was permitted only by the mercy of God.  No such mercy will extended this time to anyone with murderous intentions against Jesus this time.

Secondly, there are few who remember my face or my demeanor, but I was of the Palestinian race, and I appeared sun burned and swarthy without bath or refreshment when I was placed on the cross to hang to death.  After my death, I was committed to the Father for an extended period of time, and my soul has been educated on high for my future work when I am done on Urantia.  It is to the Central Universe that I return upon the conclusion of my work on Urantia this time.

My return to Urantia is start over to teach and learn the humans who now inhabit this human evolutionary planet My bestowal over 2,000 years ago ended in material disaster for me and with spiritual questions for those on high who were ready to annihilate Urantia for the murder of a divine Son. Now it is time that I must regain my life once more to satisfactorily conclude the work to be done by my Father through me, and to assist the Magisterial Son to deliver Urantia to Justice for this and other heinous crime by the Lucifer Rebellion and other matters of State so complicated no one could figure them out easily.  The Magisterial Son who will assign guilt and bring to justice those who failed me, is the Magisterial Son of Paradise of the Avonal Order of Sonship of direct origin in the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, and is a brother in waiting when I died all those years ago to eventually help me finish my work on Urantia.

The coming announcement of my return incarnated as Jesus is likely to be a shock to all including the Catholic Church and subsequent Christianity. To help reduce that shock somewhat, I am authorizing that this message be sent out as plain text on the BCC List this evening and post it to the discussion raised to discuss me in my return at this 

Serara is the Magisterial Son from Paradise who I depend on to clear the garbage from this planet Urantia, and to make new schools and government institutions available as soon as possible.  All able adults will be required to hold a proof of attending the educational sessions to be made through arrangements of local colleges and universities when the time comes to learn the basics of cosmology and why I return now.

We will also be available 24/7 through a television channel to be on the air about a day afterward the Jesus announcement and that will be through cable and normal reception of those who take their communication news from off the air networks still operating on Urantia.

In closing, my superangel Manotia (it translates into the English language meaning “peace” and is pronounced MAH KNOW SHA’ accent on the last syllable), this superangel is capable of instant communication by any human with a normal mind on this planet and many of you will hear him (not her, as this angel hails from the center of all things where are personalities are spoken to as Him).  I am the Creator Son and I wish you well until I greet you all through Jesus, the Son f God, and the son of man, and to whom I am indebted as a Creator Son to use his soul to bring this death of a man on the cross long ago to life before you.  Time is not to end, but a new calendar is to be introduced with its explanation coming later.


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

MISSION UPDATE STATUS - September 22, 2015

Mikko Lagerstedt - Night River

Sept 22 2015
Erron Or – Charran – Monmatia – Bri Tah – Gaia Mother Supreme – Mantutia – Rayson
T/R – Newstarsaphire 4:30 PM EDT

[bracketed information added by Ron Besser for clarification purposes]

Erron Or - Judiciary Councilor

There is a misconstrued perception in the mortal realm of the inhabitants of this planet as they endeavor to understand the current adjudication process and this is causing strife and division among those who are desirous and indeed a part of these special times.  It is so far above the ability of current mortal understanding on this planet to perceive and take a stance on these matters that are so crucial and so close to the heart of the Father in these special proceedings of which I am a part.  I encourage the hearers of these words to put down your gavel and cease your attempts to understand our proceedings and do not attempt to judge our decisions and their outcomes as that is not your place and that is not your calling and it is far beyond your abilities.

There is much that you have been called to do and you are ably equipped to carry out in these special days and these special times to ensure Urantia's future in the Will of the Father.  Do not be sidetracked by these proceedings do not divide yourselves into encampments and take stances and formulate opinions that are far above your capacities of your current state of mind and heart.  The Will of the Father is the Will of the Father and it is as relevant to those to whom judgment is being pronounced as it is to those to whom mercy is given.  It is the Fathers Will, your only requirement is to choose the Will of the Father not judge his methods or your perceived outcomes thereof.  I am Erron Or part of the Judiciary Council in the Justice League performing our sober task for the inhabitants of this bewildered sphere and I bid you Good day.

Thank you Erron Or for your words of guidance and wisdom, is there anything else you wish to say?

Suffice to say to the mortals within the hearing of these words you have not seen what we have seen, you have not heard what we have heard.  You have not seen into the Fathers heart as we have. Good day.

Charran – Divine Councilor 
[See your Urantia Book to obtain a description of this powerful Trinity created being directly by the Paradise Deities.]

Happenings that have yet to be disclosed are in preparation and because of their unrevealed nature to the mortals with whom we have contact we have chosen to offer guidance should some of you become involved in these upcoming situations.  Most of you will not be affected but there are those within the Magisterial Mission to whom these specific instructions should be passed and we leave it to the Supervisors of the mortal workers to see that this is done the right way at the right time and in the right place.  There are some mortal ties that must be severed, we are not asking you to judge your brothers and your sisters, we are saying only ‘guard your positions’.

As you well know in any planned conflict not all members of special teams are allowed to be in full communication as this can cause confusion and misinformation or lack of focus.  There are some things that are only to be spoken of within certain ranks and certain levels.

This is not about segregation or specialization of rank or position, this is about each one knowing what they need to know and being prepared to focus on their specific mission and trusting in the leaders of those missions to know the bigger picture.  This is not about cutting other people out of your lives for eternity, this is about sharing of information among those to whom and for whom it should be shared and withholding of information to those for whom it is not relevant and to whom it would only cause division and strife and yes, possible envy, which has already started in some cases.

Do not be a party to the gossip, leave judgment and its decrees to those of the higher realms and the higher minds who have been appointed to that task.

Receive your orders as you have desired to be, and accepted to be, part of the Mission in “the Will of the Father”.  It is important that each one know their mission, know what is expected of them, know and trust their leaders and their comrades and focus on their task at hand so that all may be done correctly in a timely manner and without earthly distractions that could further sabotage much of which you do not need to be aware.

This is about focus, this is about teamwork, this mission is not about the ego of man or representation of perceived status.  You have been recruited into the ranks of this Mission at your own request you all have your skills there is no position too high or too low.  This is about serving the Father, serving your brothers and sisters and serving the future of the name and the destiny of Urantia.

Lay down your division and strife, keep your egos in check, walk arm-in-arm and heart-to-heart with the brothers and sisters with whom you have been assigned to serve.

We are watching and we are listening, there must be no dissension within the ranks, you must be aware.  We know you can do this.  Remember the disciples!  Lay down the jostling for position reminding yourselves of your pledge and your highest desire to be in the Will of the Father.  Be about your work.

We can do this and we can do this well, together, each one taking their assigned place, performing their assigned tasks.  I am Charran.  Take up arms as you have been called spiritually and do not take aim at each other.


[Monmatia belongs as part of the Power Directors and an entity belonging to that Order that is not revealed to evolutionary planets except on Urantia]

Monmatia of creation here with an update on your solar system.  As Ron intimated to you there is much to be done in the reconstruction and reconfiguration of this solar system and as I’m sure you can perceive there is much to be coordinated and orchestrated in the material realms as well as the spiritual.  Connectivity within the solar system is a delicate dance that must be performed to the right tune and in coordination with Metatron and Rayson's science team.  We must work together hand-in-hand to insure to prevent the least amount of destruction and disruption as is possible.  This is not a decision that is made often within this Grand Universe and, as always, with that which involves inhabited planets there is much to consider and much that can go wrong if not properly prepared for.

This is not widely known or easily understood within the realms of mortals of this planet and this is just a reminder it is indeed another factor in all that is taking place at this time regardless of the awareness of mortals.  The future will, of course, record the grand complexities and the intricacies of all that is being done and all that must be done in the great panoply of events which must unfold.  If many were aware they would just consider, in their inability comprehend, that this is but another element of delay or running down of the clock which they would dearly like to see wound a little faster, at their own destruction and the peril of much.

This is just a reminder to ‘hold fast’ and not be bogged down by the complexities of all that must take place but be aware of their existence and be patient with the loving watch care that is being taken by those who give their all, seeking no glory of their own and awaiting the day their efforts will indeed be brought to light and proper appreciation given for all that had to transpire.  Let the problems of today be sufficient unto itself and know that we have right now and tomorrow in our capable hands under the loving direction of the Will of the Father.

Gravity directors [these are entities sent by the Father to oversee correction to linear gravity around a planet which has to be changed in a way that it affects its own sense of gravity and procedures still quite secret from Paradise to do] are busy at work and energy transmitters are working overtime as it were to see that all goes well and nothing is lost and all interconnected planets and their inhabitants will each have their own opportunities for future advancement according to evolutionary design.  All destinies must be taken into account and provided for along with the destiny of Urantia.

Bri Tah

[Bri Tah is the name of one of a pair of angels that works with a planet to overcome the deficit of love and good news about life existence around humans on an evolutionary planet.  They reveal the Supreme's bodies of thought and entities the Supreme uses she created to run the planet.  They are not revealed ever on any planet unless a planet like Urantia has to undergo wrenching changes in its life style and ability to raise children for the Gods on High.]

Bri Tah - Love is a difficult thing, almost an unnatural expression for most of the current mortals on Urantia.  Because of your unique situation love is not the primary motivator in your psyche.  I’m sad to say for the vast majority love is not even the secondary motivator, but way down the list and sometimes not even a consideration.  The mind of man in the mortals of this world must be completely reconstituted.

Without the light and love of the Father as the primary motivator within the mind and heart of mortals the guiding compass that causes all things to move in harmony and unity and in truth, beauty and goodness does not function.  The compass cannot point to ‘true north’ and spins out of control causing the mortal mind to walk in circles and itself spin out of control causing lack of focus, inability to pay attention and lethargy.  It is a great and sad underlying problem and must be overcome.

Schools and teaching of Adam and Eve are absolutely warranted and required.  Their ability to be as effective as they should is a factor, a hurdle we must somehow overcome.  The gifts of the Material Sons and Daughters are targeted, on a normal world, to uplift and upstep the extant minds that have a hunger and a thirst to learn of the Father and to receive, with gladness, the teaching and the upgrades Material Sons and Daughters so freely offer.  Again on Urantia we foresee that, although many mortals have made leaps and bounds in the areas of science and technology, communication and industry, there is a great deficit in the humanities and the jury is still out as to whether what is left will be salvageable for the greater population.   Yes, there is the hope of homo spiritus but that is the current exception and not the norm.  Results are still pouring in from many areas of the Mission and must be taken into account for the effectiveness and predetermination for what must be done in this area and many more.

I am Light and I am Brilliance I am sent from the Father on this Mission to search the hearts of man on Urantia.  Much has been exposed, much has been revealed.  I grieve at the greatness of the loss and I give my all to not only salvage but to lovingly nurture that which remains and has divine potential.  I am Bri Tah and the heart of the Father breaks within me but I am Light and I am Hope of a new day, the promise of a New Way and the Bringer of New Hope, renewed hope.  I will continue to shine.

Let us not grieve for that which must be left in the past but let us all rise as a new dawn, take the new hope and the blessed assurance the Father now gives you and make it your own.  Take me into your life, feed on the Light the Father gives you, it will light your path, it will keep you from ruin and destruction and it will safely take you into His arms where He awaits you with joy and gladness.

GAIA, God the Planetary Supreme

I am Gaia your Mother Supreme, and I wish to address the remnants of my evolutionary children.

We must quickly grieve our loss and not let it become a quagmire that prevents us all from going forward to our individual destinies or their loss will all be for nothing.  We must look beyond our current state of affairs together and focus on our new future.  Many have been lost but will not be forgotten.

We must let this experience be our motivation to ensure we find ways to prevent this from happening to others.  We must give of ourselves in their loving memory to serve as ambassadors of our Fathers mercy and His never-ending grace and His hand that is extended.  Let us go forward and gladden the heart of Our Father.  Let us be purveyors of Light and Hope and never lose the agondonter spirit that has been birthed within you, it will carry you far beyond these realms.  No matter where you may journey I will always keep you all in my heart.  I will welcome you again into my bosom should you someday return.

Mantutia Melchizedek

Newstarsaphire you question why you always have such an emotional reaction when you read about, pray about even think about Gaia your Supreme Mother.  And as you did just now, as you received a message she desired to convey through you, you have a suspicion in your mind and I ask you to leave that go for now as all will be revealed in due time.  Suffice as to say you have always had a special place in your heart for Mother Earth and her creations. Let that suffice for now.

Erron Or

[Erron Or belongs to a group called the Judiciary Committee and is a former Seraphim embraced by the Trinity to obtain the ability to wear outlandish clothing and be able to hear all who can speak just what their duties are regarding the Justice meted out by the Paradise Trinity.  The Trinity embrace changes her Order from Seraphim to an Order that is not even revealed in Havona, such is this highly specialized work from the Trinity.  Inspired Trinity Spirits belong to this category of work such is its secrecy and its exclusiveness in the Grand Universe.]

I would like to add that, although perilous times are imminent, we have the ways and the means to protect that which is in the Will of the Father from destruction and loss, as much has been done to oversee all things and ensure that that which must take place, takes place and that which must survive will survive.  So keep your focus and keep your faith.  Energy and light are essential resources and must be safeguarded. Energy and light must always be provided to sustain life-force and cause the necessary changes of evolution to move forward.  Energy and light are paramount factors.  The building blocks of energy and light are the building blocks of life itself.  All is being prepared and will be at the ready.


[Science Officer to the Urantia Magisterial Mission]

Scientists are at hand to do their part to ensure all that must happen happens in a timely fashion.  Do not be distressed as the cogs of all the wheels of motion are being turned regardless of their reluctance and they will move as has been ordained and they will work as they must for if they are defective they will be replaced with another.  I Rayson have been assured that this is so.